Here is the handout from the program, Book Blogging 101, presented by Rebecca Vnuk for the KCMLIN/MARRT workshop, November 2011, and updated for NJLA in June, 2012.  For more information or the powerpoint slides, please contact Rebecca.


Book Blogging 101:  The How-to and Why-to

Getting Started:  Self hosted?  Free site?  Library software?

Choose your platform

  • Requires Google account
  • Basic, easy platform, but limited style choices for beginners (or,

  • Many style choices and add-ons – very customizable
  • A little more advanced and less intuitive
  • .com version is simpler and web hosted, .org  version is advanced and must be hosted
    on your server or a paid hosting service.  Must use .org version if you want to run ads on your blog!

  • Social media-centric
  • Simple platform – no plugins or widgets

  • Not free


  • What is your purpose – Are you a review blog?  A publicity blog?  An author blog?  A fan blog?
  • What are you looking to say?  What will your “voice” be?
    Who is your audience?
  • Is there something special or unique you can do as a feature?

Publicizing your blog

  • SEO
  • Commenting on other blogs/linking to other blogs
  • Blogrolls
  • Your email signature line
  • Submit your address to blog search sites and directories.

Nuts and Bolts
Set up an RSS feed and email option
Set a writing schedule
Have fun with it!