Stephen King’s 1975 classic, Salem’s Lot, should come with a warning: Do not read on windy nights! The second you hear a tree branch scratch your bedroom window, you will be up until dawn with the lights on. Guaranteed. Novelist Ben Mears returns to his Maine hometown and falls in love with young painter Susan. Ben decides to write about "the old Marsten house," where hitman Hubie Marsten plied his trade. Ben’s research coincides with the arrival of the house’s new owners, Mr. Straker and the never seen Mr. Barlow. Shortly after they take ownership, a local boy disappears and his brother dies. Then fewer and fewer townsfolk are seen in the daylight. Ben, Susan, and four others plan a stake-wielding showdown at the Marsten place. Poor Susan. And Matt Burke. Oh, and what they do to Father Callahan! Seriously scary stuff.