If you count on Perez Hilton for all your celebrity gossip, you missed out on this little gem. They’re FINALLY making a movie based on Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum mysteries. Nora Rawlinson spilled the beans on EarlyWord and linked to the Variety article announcing that Katherine Heigl will play the eye-rolling bounty hunter. Not that I don’t think Katherine Heigl’s a good actress, but I am a little worried that she’s too pretty to truly understand the insecurity that keeps Plum in her little Trenton orbit. What do you think? Can the Grey’s Anatomy actress pull it off?

Until then, enjoy these other unlikely P.I.s and comely crime solvers:

Author: Jennifer Apodaca
Start with: Dating Can Be Murder (2002)
Her cheating husband’s death leaves California soccer mom Samantha Shaw two young boys, no source of income, and just enough money in an insurance payout to cover a boob job and a storefront lease to start her own matchmaking service.

Author: Stephanie Bond
Start with: Body Movers (2006)
When her parents left Atlanta to avoid prosecution for a white-collar crime, Carlotta Wren, got a job at Neiman Marcus, got dumped by her fiance Peter, and got to work creating a stable home for her brother Wesley. Ten years later, Peter’s wife is killed, and Carlotta is the only person who believes he’s not the murderer.

Author: Nancy Bush
Start with: Candy Apple Red (2005)
Process server and PI-in-training in Lake Chnook, Oregon, Jane Kelly’s first case is looking for her ex-boyfriend’s best friend–a man who disappeared four years ago after being convicted for killing his entire family. The case is complicated by Jane’s kinda-cute boss and the return of her ex-boyfriend. 

Author: Tori Carrington
Start with: Sofie Metropolis (2006)
After calling off her wedding, Queens waitress Sofie Metropolis asserts her independence by moving out of her parents’ house and going to work for her uncle, a Private Investigator. Mostly pawned off on missing pet cases, Sofie catches her big break when a standard cheating spouse stakeout at a hotel turns up a dead body.

Author: Lisa Lutz
Start with: The Spellman Files (2007)
Isabele “Izzy” Spellman, never thought that her family was normal, but when she starts dating a nice dentist she sees life inside her parents’ San Francisco private investigation firm with a fresh set of eyes. Just how weird is it to bug your children’s rooms? To have your 12-year-old negotiate a fee for every household chore or bite of healthy food? To run a complete background and credit check on the nice dentist you’re dating?