Bellwether by Connie Willis
Will somebody please tell me why so many libraries have this adorable, smart, Gen X chick lit in our Science Fiction collections? Sandra Foster’s works as a fad forecaster for a high tech company is continually hampered by uper-hip mail room girl  Flip. But a run in with chaos theorist Bennett O’Reilly may help her learn how everything from haircuts to the hula hoop suddenly take root as the next big thing. Their research attracts the attention of a Niebnitz Grant fairy godmother, watching Sandra’s progress in the wings. The nod to the
MacArthur "Genuis Award" is wonderfully sly and fun. The MacArthur Fellows program is to creative types what Macbeth is to actors–something so revered as to never to be uttered allowed. lest you curse yourself out of consideration. This book, too, is a delightful surprise.