**UPDATE FEB 2012:  We’re keeping this site for archival and info purposes, but be sure to follow current blog posts at http://shelfrenewal.booklistonline.com/**


Who we are and what we’re about:

We’re Karen Kleckner and Rebecca Vnuk, librarians in the Chicago metro area, and, OK, we’ll say it, Readers Advisory experts.  You can read more about us in (what else?) the About Us section.

We decided to start this blog after being so impressed with what Nora Rawlinson and her crew at Early Word are doing for pre-pub titles.  We started feeling a little sorry for those backlist titles that just don’t get enough attention.  We wanted to know, what could we do for those awesome books languishing on the shelves, while library patrons walk away empty handed after putting in their reserve for the newest thing?

Fortunately for us, other people felt the same way and less than a month after we started ShefRenewal, Library Journal picked us up as one of their hosted blogs.  We lived there happily for almost 2 years and then came back to our roots on our own site, only to be “taken over” again, by BooklistWe’ll keep this sit up to hold our archives, random information, program handouts, and more, but please be sure to follow current blog postings at Booklist Online!

Two of our regularly scheduled posts:  Dusties – those books that someone, somewhere, will love, if they only knew it was still on your shelf; and every Friday, we’ll be featuring a website that YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT if you want to be a great readers’ advisory librarian.

Drop us a line to let us know what you like about the blog, or what you hate (although, really, must we hate?).  We’d also LOVE to know, what do you need suggestions for?

Karen and Rebecca